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We have a dedicated team here to help you save time and money on your Private Car Insurance. We have strong relationships with market leading insurers and brokers which enables us to search for the most competitive rates. This ultimately allows us to provide you with the cheapest quotes on the market.*


Is a comparison website allowing you to compare deals with over 30 partner brokers and underwriters.

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We have established strong relationships allowing you to compare insurance prices no matter what your circumstances are.

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CarCompare collaborates with several offline partners who are able to provide prices typically unavailable online.

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Cheap Car Insurance Quotes. Get Car Insurance Quickly And Easily

Looking for cheap car insurance? We are here to find you the best car insurance quotes possible. Simply fill in our quick quote form and we will get car insurance providers to bring you the most suitable deal, cheaply, quickly and easily. Still unsure? Take a look through our list of the most frequently asked questions below:


You could just call around insurers, seeking cheap car insurance on your own, though it will take a lot of time and potentially cost you a lot of money. CarCompare is an independent car insurance specialist with extremely strong ties to insurance companies, brokers and intermediaries. Using us to get car insurance on your behalf means:

  1. Why CarCompare? CarCompare.com partners with Business Insurance Solutions Ltd (BIS) and 20 other market leading car insurance brokers. We will display either our panel of broker partners prices or BIS’s insurer panel results. The results displayed are determined by your specific information. On occasion the lowest price available may not be displayed.
  2. A quick service You don't want to spend hours trawling through directories and calling each and every car insurance firm, repeating the same answers. At CarCompare you fill in one quick form and we do all the legwork.
  3. Tailor made car insurance. You are unique and so are your requirements, so we find the car insurance quotes that suit your vehicle and your specific needs.
  4. Flexible payment terms. Each partner offers online payments and monthly instalment options are available, whatever you prefer.
  5. Consistently low car insurance quotes. We check market prices on a daily basis, via our unique car insurance comparison system, which links up with all leading car insurance companies.

2. So much more than just a car insurance site

Simply complete the easy online car insurance quote form to gain a choice of competitive prices, policies and benefits from a wide range of car insurance schemes. If you prefer to compare car insurance in person then call our team of specialists for assistance. In many circumstances we are able to beat our online car insurance quotes by asking just a few additional questions.

Struggling to find cheap car insurance quotes? Then use CarCompare, the car insurance comparison site. Simply complete our quick quote form now.

3. Car insurance quotes explained

The world of car insurance can be a minefield of jargon and even the smallest change to a policy can sometimes make quite a difference on the car insurance quotes you receive. Here's a brief guide into how it all works and some tips to help you get cheap car insurance quotes and to make sure you end up with the right cover.

4. Compare car insurance quotes of the same type

Car insurance is a legal requirement if you are to drive a car on the roads. A car insurance policy allows you to drive your car, provided it is under 3.5 tonnes. There are three levels of car insurance cover available for you to choose from, so when comparing car insurance quotes, make sure they are on a like for like basis.

  1. Third Party Only car insurance: The most basic type of car insurance is Third-Party Only and it covers your liability for bodily injury or death to others and their property.
  2. Third Party Fire and Theft: This includes the above third party risks, as well as risk of fire damage and theft of your vehicle. Select car insurance providers will also cover the contents of your car and items such as the CD player.
  3. Comprehensive cover: Inclusive of Third Party Fire and Theft cover, comprehensive car insurance policies also cover the loss of, or damage to, your vehicle caused by an accident or vandalism. Some car insurance companies will include personal accident benefit within their comprehensive cover, should you be injured or die in an accident.

Please note that the specific cover will depend on the insurance company chosen and the policy taken out. We will advise you on policy limitations when you ask us to compare car insurance on your behalf.

5. How car insurance quotes are calculated

Car insurance companies classify vehicles into groups. Insurers rate each car with a number, usually between 1 and 20, with regard to how much of a risk they believe it is. If your car is in a higher group then it is considered quite risky so will be more expensive to insure, whereas owners of lower group cars will enjoy cheap car insurance.

The groups are chosen after examining the historical accident rate with that type of car, as well as the likely cost of repairing it following an accident. Usually, the larger and heavier the car, the more it is thought to be harder to drive and expensive to repair, so car insurance quotes will likely be higher for a large car.

6. How to get cheap car insurance quotes

The type of car you drive can make a huge difference when you come to compare car insurance. Here are our tips for cheap car insurance quotes:

  1. If you do not already own a car then choose one that best suits your needs, as you could find it brings in far cheaper car insurance quotes. If you only plan on using your car for small deliveries then you should probably go for the smallest car that will do the job.
  2. Look at a variety of makes and models. Often cars from very similar manufacturers will bring in quite different car insurance quotes, so look at a few to find out which would bring you the lowest premium.
  3. Think about security. More security features will mean cheap car insurance is more likely. Choosing a car with strong locks, an alarm and immobiliser is a good start. Also, by parking in a garage or on a driveway overnight, car insurance will often cost less than if you leave the vehicle on the public roads.
  4. Look at the cover and what you do not need. If you only ever use your car for local journeys then a policy with EU cover probably isn't going to be cost effective, so stick to car insurance cover. Car insurance quotes often include a replacement vehicle service but if you have a spare car and do not need one then mention this when you compare car insurance quotes as it should lower the cost.

Still have questions regarding car insurance quotes and how to find the right cheap car insurance? Then call our dedicated UK team now.

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